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Shirt Laundry

At LaSalle Dry Cleaners we offer three levels of Shirt care service. All of our shirts are carefully inspected for stains and missing buttons at 5 inspection points in all processes. Collars are gently scrubbed when necessary and minor stains are removed. We then use only the finest, eco-friendly, non-allergenic soaps available for every shirt we clean in most technology advanced, water saving washers on the market. All shirts have the starch options of none, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy.


Everyday is a machine finished shirt on our state-of-the-art finishing equipment where quality over speed is emphasize by our meticulously trained staff . Then, your shirts are given a hand touch-up to remove most of the impressions common at other cleaners. This service is suitable for the vast majority of shirts, and chosen by most of our clients to care for their fine shirt wardrobes.


Deluxe – is a machine finished shirt like the Everyday but then we take it a step further and go over every inch by hand and package the shirt specially to maintain the finish.


Premium – often called hand finished for your finest shirts. They may be specially wet or dry cleaned and spotted depending on stains or care instructions. Then, each shirt is carefully finished by hand from top to bottom. Your shirt will then be packaged individually with stuffed sleeves and a tissue collar ball to make sure it is just right when you put it on.