LaSalle Dry Cleaners – Coral Gables | Dry Cleaning
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Dry Cleaning

LaSalle Dry Cleaners is known for our excellent spot removal and dry cleaning service. We have been cleaning couture and designer clothing long before they became overused buzzwords. Every garment that comes through our facility is thoroughly inspected to determine the best method to return it to it’s original state and ready to wear condition as possible. We use the finest products and environmentally responsible methods available to ensure you look your very best.

Each garment is


  • Pre-Examined for stains, loose hems, buttons to be protected or removed and followed up with phone call to client if special treatment that was not previously discussed is necessary.
  • Entered into our data base with the use of state of the art bar codes to record and keep an entire history of the garment while it is in our care.
  • Re inspected before cleaning for pre-treatment of stains by our highly trained specialist before cleaning
  • Post inspected after cleaning to make sure all stains have been removed.