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Garment & Fabric Restoration
fire damage restoration, clothing restoration, garment restoration, smoke damaged clothing
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Garment & Fabric Restoration

Nobody is fully prepared for unexpected disasters, whether it’s fire or flood, although when the worst happens it is our basic needs that rise to the top. Often what we take for granted, such as food shelter and clothing becomes an immediate necessity. This is where LaSalle Dry Cleaners comes in. We are textile restoration experts and we work side by side with the homeowner, insurance adjusters and the restoration contractors to do our part in bringing back a sense of comfort and security.

The textile restoration division for LaSalle Dry Cleaners has a team of dedicated restoration experts that have developed and perfected our processes and possess the best in textile restoration technology. With LaSalle Dry Cleaners you can rest assured that everything from 24-48 hour emergency deliveries, long term storage and keeping in touch with each and every homeowner to ensure their needs are met is handled right on every claim, every time. Call 1 800 797-3138 to speak to a textile restoration expert today.