LaSalle Dry Cleaners – Coral Gables | Wet Cleaning
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Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a process of removing soil and stains using water, special soaps and high tech equipment. Our trained specialist may recommend this process for garments to

  • Remove soil and stains that cannot be removed in dry cleaning
  • Restore yellowed or oxidized stained garments that may otherwise be unwearable
  • Clean garments and household textiles that cannot be dry cleaned


Even the most technologically advanced home washing machine cannot match the capabilities of our state of the art, computer-controlled wet cleaning equipment. Micro-processors control water temperature, cylinder speeds, mechanical action and moisture removal. At LaSalle we use the best detergents and conditioners to protect the feel or “hand” of the fabric. Garments and fabrics are then hung, dried flat or dried in our computer controlled dryer which provides multiple levels of sensor monitored drying.


After completing the wet cleaning process garments typically require advanced pressing or finishing techniques on additional specialized equipment to properly reshape and block the garment to it’s original size.


Many ordinary cleaners will tell you that they “wet clean”, be aware, however, that a lot cleaners who claim to wet clean do not invest in the proper equipment, soaps or technical training. Instead they try to use regular home washers, shirt laundry equipment, chemicals and poorly trained staff, this is not controlled, professional wet cleaning and can result in damage to your garments, including shrinkage, fading, bleeding and dye crocking.